Avg retail installation

Avg retail installation:

Avg retail installation is basically a set of instructions to install avg antivirus / Internet security on the avg.com/retail page.

What is AVG?

AVG AntiVirus (previously known as AVG, abbreviation of Anti-Virus Guard) is a family of antivirus software developed by AVG Technologies, a subsidiary of Avast. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Android.

How do I activate and
Install avg with license number?

  • Please follow the steps below to activate your AVG Anti-Virus with your new License Number: 
  • Please open AVG Internet Security or AVG AntiVirus by double-clicking the AVG icon on your desktop.
  • Click My AVG in the top-right corner of the screen and select My Subscriptions.
  • Then click Enter new license.
  • Type or paste the new license code from the email sent to you by AVG, then click Enter license.

Does Avg retail installation Work?

AVG Antivirus FREE does a decent job of protecting your computer from internet attacks. Though some viruses were able to slip in through the browser and infect our computer, AVG was able to find them and quarantine them during a full scan. And the premium version of Avg antivirus is like terminator for the Malware. Its virus database is updating on a real-time basis.

Step by step avg Activation and Installation

Redeeming your retail card / Activating your avg subscription:

• Open a web browser and go to the link (www.avg.com/retail | avg.com/retail) on your retail card.

• Select your country and language from the drop-down menu.

• Carefully enter the registration number from your retail card.

• Type your email address and click Submit.

Follow the on-screen prompts to create an avg account and install avg. If you need to help with the installation please contact us by phone or live chat.

Steps to Activate the Avg retail registration

Once you install the AVG retail activation on your computer, you need to activate it as without activation it is impossible to avail its features. So, activate the AVG antivirus by following the given steps carefully.

  1. Move your cursor towards the AVG icon and double click on it. Check for it in the notification section on the taskbar.
  2. A new window will appear with the option of Activate or Reactivate option. You can choose an option required according to the need. Check at the bottom right side of your computer.
  3. If you are unable to see the option in the menu section then check that you might have opened the AVG Zen window. Now, click the Protection file to get redirected to the main AVG user interface.
  4. Now a page will appear where you will see the option to enter your License number that you have received in your mail. If you bought a retail card then check on its back. You will see the 25 digit product key there.
  5. Now, proceed by clicking on the ‘Activation’ button.

How do I cancel my avg TuneUp subscription?

To cancel a subscription via your AVG MyAccount, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the AVG MyAccount login page and use your email address and password to log in.
  2. Once logged into the AVG MyAccount, click My Products at the top of the page.

How do I set Avg retail installation to scan daily?

Schedule a scan

  1. Open the AVG user interface on your desktop, and click the gear icon next to Scan Computer.
  2. Select Schedule Scan.
  3. On the Scan Parameters screen, create a name for your scan and specify which areas and file types to scan. …
  4. Select Scheduling from the left panel.

“In additionally if you face any problem during to installation of avg security then you can call us to our toll-free number”.