How to install mcafee at page ?


to install mcafee antivirus a user first of all need to navigate the page on his web browser. Here i am going to tell you step by step process to install your mcafee from the mcafee/activate page.

  • Open a web browser in your computer example- internet explorer , mozilla firefox , google chrome etc .
  • Type the name of the website in the url box that is “”.
  • When you will hit enter after putting mcafee/activate url it will open a page which will ask you to “enter your 25 digit activation code”. Your mcafee 25 digit activation code in mentioned on your mcafee retail card.
  • Put this 25 digit activation code on the space provided and hit submit.
  • In the next page now it will ask you to login to your mcafee my account. Now if you have mcafee account then you can login here or you will find another option for new registration on the same page.
  • If you do not have a mcafee account then you can create one with the help of this register option.
  • When you will register then mcafee will send you a confirmation email to your inbox , you just need to reach your email inbox and verify that you own this email. When you will click on the confirmation link it will send you to the same login screen.
  • Now put the created credentials of your mcafee account and in case you were already have a mcafee account that means you are already logged in.
  • inside the account you will find a download button for your product and when you will start download it will generate another code. You need to note it down. It will be required in the installation.Now initiate the download .
  • After it is downloaded just run it or double click on the download. Follow the positive prompts coming on your screen by your mcafee product.
  • Seems like your product is installing. Finally start scanning after the installation.

Q & A on

1- What is a mcafee activation code , where i can find it ?

  • A mcafee activation code is a 25 characters alphanumeric unique string. With the help of this unique code a user may activate his mcafee. Mcafee activation code is on the back of the mcafee retail card.

2- Do all mcafee antivirus product activate on the same page ?

  • Yes you can start activation of various mcafee antivirus product from a single page which

3- I have another antivirus , can i use it along with the mcafee protection ?

  • The answer is no. As two antivirus at the same time may use the same type of resources in the computer , so they may conflict each other. Except it , using two antivirus at the same time will also slow down the working speed of your system.

4- I was using mcafee before , do i need to remove it before installing my new one ?

  • It actually depends on which version of mcafee you have and which one you purchased. If you bought the same one which you was using earlier then you do not need to remove the old version. You can just change it’s activation code (i.e. both are mcafee total protection). Now if your purchased version and old version are different then consider removing the old one.

mcafee activation

Activate your mcafee and get enormous features

activate you mcafee at and get tons of features with it
  • Real time security standard – As mcafee is continuously working on its antivirus and its back end virus definition database. Which actually defines the possible threats. This database actually update on real time basis. So whenever they find a new possible threat to your computer they update it to the database. And if your system is connected with the internet then your Mcafee copy will also automatically sync to this update on the daily basis.
  • Virus and malware detection and removal – Mcafee is a very potential antivirus. It actually remove almost all type of malicious threats from the computer. First it will detect them whenever they will try to come inside , further it will quarantine them.
  • Email protection – Provide you email protection. A protection against the spams and other email related problems.
  • Browser extension– A browser extension comes along with the mcafee antivirus. When you are done with installing your mcafee just restart your browser. Now it will ask you to add the mcafee extension. Follow the positive options. From now on you have a mcafee safe surfing guide with you. A guide which will let you know which website is safe to surf and which one is not. It will show you a red mark on front of malicious websites and a green mark on trusted websites.
  • Always active security– Once you installed mcafee security it will be always active in the background whenever you system is working. In this way whenever a threat will try to come inside it will detect it on real time basis.

Technical support on mcafee activation

In case if you are not able to activate your mcafee from or even after downloading the installer file it is showing some kind of error then there are some of troubleshooting steps that you may follow
  • Restart you computer and try to install it again.
  • Check if you have any other antivirus security already inside you computer consider removing it first go to your program and features section inside the control panel. From there you can check the program installed in your computer. Allocate if you have any other security program double click on it to remove it. Follow the on screen instructions to remove it. After removing restart your computer one more time. Further try to install your mcafee antivirus.
  • Even after all this if the problem persist consider calling a technical support expert.

Technical support includes a tons of service features

consider calling technical support in several other issues other than the mcafee activation as well. If during your mcafee activation you got stuck somewhere consider calling us in the given below problems.

  • Mcafee installation or mcafee removal.
  • troubleshooting for various errors due to mcafee or any other software.
  • When you operating system got corrupt.
  • Computer is working slowly.
  • Your system is freezing.
  • Touch pad or keyboard is not working.
  • Driver or services creating a problem.
  • You are unable to connect a printer..
  • While your printer is not printing and connected with your computer.
  • .dll error or any integrity issue in the computer.
  • Internet explorer or google chrome popups are coming.
  • Virus and malware found in the computer and creating a problem to install antivirus.
Initial configuration of a computer in case of a new computer

if you have a new computer then an initial configuration is recommended in your computer. In initial configuration of the computer antivirus activation comes at the very first place. With the tutorial you can activate your mcafee at after that still we have some of the task to do. Start reading and configure your new computer properly.

  • Install a browser – A windows 10 computer comes  with the Microsoft edge and internet explorer browser. Many of the user don’t find these browser fast enough to operate. So if you are one of them then consider installing a browser like google chrome or mozilla firefox. These software are free of cost.
  • System maintenance tool – When you use your computer over the internet it create some kind of temporary files during a session. All the software inside a computer , if using internet then they may create some kind of temporary files. This may start taking your cache memory. After some period of time this will be the reason of a slow computer. A system maintenance tool like ccleaner will clean these temporary files on the daily basis. Except it when you remove any software from the computer there are certain file which will be inside the computer even after removing it. So to remove these files completely a automatize system maintenance tool is needed in a computer. This process is called registry cleaning.
  • Install a pdf reader to read pdf file on your computer.
  • File compression tool. i.e. winzip. Too compress files. If you want to send a .exe file over email then you can send them directly you need to first change them to a zip then you can send them.
  • Also install a flash player in order to play online videos of all format.
  • Create a system restore point– A system restore point is a type of system image. If somehow you messes u your computer in future time . You can recover your system to this restore point at the time of this type of emergency.

activate your mcafee at

this article have almost all aspect of simple mcafee installation. In case of any issue you can call support. Write to us via our contact form.